Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Golden Dozen

For photographers the best times to take photographs are shortly after sunrise and again just before the sun sets when the daylight is redder and softer than during the middle of the day. This softer light is what I call "golden light".

So here is a "golden dozen", actually thirteen (I guess a golden bakers dozen), pictures from my garden at the end of a sunny day.


Chive flower

Clematis and Honeysuckle








A garden surprise? I have an artichoke growing!

Just one mind you, here is a second look at it:


Here is a continuation of group names theme from the last post.

Did you know that a group of porcupines is called a prickle.

try these made up ones:

a scamper of squirrels
a plunge of waterfalls
a brouhaha of louts
a crunch or maybe a dent of parkers
a wave of kayakers
a goggle of swimmers 
a dictation of secretaries
a clipping of gardeners


A YouTube video with unexpected ending:


And from the studio:

"Skedans 2", a varnished watercolour: 
Art news: 

One painting was accepted into the "Oil and Water" show at the South Delta Artists Guild Gallery 1710:

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happy Wednesday, with whimsy,


Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Spring Groups

There are some interesting names for groups in nature; a parliament of owls comes to mind.

A group of flowers growing close together (like these crocuses) can be called a bunch, a cluster or a clump. A bouquet is a bunch of flowers arranged for its beauty.

A group of geese can be called a gaggle or a flock or when in flight a skein.

There are goslings in the gaggle at Jericho Park.

Does that make this a gaggle of goslings:

Goose, gander and goslings:

Splish, splash

we're having a bath

so cute!


Watchful parents with six little goslings. 

When they were approaching the side of the pond where I was standing

the adults started bobbing their heads up and down

and stretching their necks out.

I interpreted this as wanting me to buzz off  

so after a few more pictures I backed away and

let them have the end of the pond to themselves.


But what about groups of people?

Did you know that a group of doctors is known as a dose or doctrine.

But what if we make up a few group names:

a malady of doctors

a confusion of psychiatrists

a drill of dentists

an argument of lawyers

a portion of dietitians

a clutch of racing drivers

a quotation or perhaps a scribble of writers

a structure of engineers

a catalogue of librarians

a grind of baristas

a pallet of artists

a baffle of geeks

That is all my husband and I came up with, now its your turn.

If you want to share any group name ideas let me know and I can pass them along in a future post.


What is happening in the studio?

Here are 5 new watercolours,

"Puglia Boats":

"Italian Window":
"Arte del Gelato": 


and finally "Afternoon Nap": 
I have entered the last 3 in the juried "Oil and Water" show at the South Delta Artists Guild Gallery 1710. The most they accept into the show is 2 per artist, hopefully one or two of mine will be accepted. I find out in about a week.


That is all I have for this week,

happy Wednesday,

with whimsy,


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Turtles and News

First here is a view of the northern shore of Hawaii and a few flowers before I get to turtles and news.


A passion flower?

This flower looks a bit like a Begonia:

At last turtles:

A turtle in the late afternoon sun drifting back and forth with the waves.
This one is in one of the tidal pools that were very close to where we stayed. 

They "graze" on sea grass, in the video at the end of this segment you can see the turtle nipping at the sea grass near him; they seem to prefer the "grass" from under water on near the tide line.

Green sea turtles aren't named for the color of their shells they are named for the greenish hue of their skin. Their shells are normally brown, dark olive, gray or black.

The turtles in Hawaii are the Eastern Pacific Green Turtles.

Eastern Pacific green turtles pull themselves onto beaches to bask in the sun:

If you spot a green sea turtle on the beach, it's important to give the animal some space. These turtles were surrounded by a traffic cones and coloured tape to keep the curious at a distance.

In Hawaii, the green sea turtle is referred to as honu and is revered as a symbol of good luck and longevity.

Here is a video I took of a turtle: 


Art News:

I have 5 paintings in the "Living Colour" show at South Delta Artists Guild Gallery 1710 (Address: 1710 56 St Tsawassen).

The show runs from Thursday April 5 to Sunday April 29, 2018.

The Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

One of my paintings has already sold even though the show doesn't officially open until Thursday.


New Painting:

Here is a new watercolour inspired by a building I saw in Puglia, Italy 
called "Puglia Doorway":

Well that's all for this week,

happy Wednesday, with whimsy,


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Little birds and more ....

I have a few more little birds for you today.

First a Saffron Finch; a small colourful bird from the tanager family.

Originally from South America the species has been introduced to Hawaii.

Below is an adult and a youngster.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall....."

Bath time for the kids.

They can often be seen foraging for seeds on the ground.

Very handsome birds, sadly I think they are also popular as caged birds.

One last look:

This is a House Sparrow or English Sparrow and was introduced to Hawaii from New Zealand in the 17 C. He looks to be striding purposefully somewhere.

And finally a Japanese White-eye, a tiny bird originally from South East Asia that was introduced to Hawaii early in the 20 C. 

Next here is a large bug I saw. If you hate insects scroll quickly through the next few pictures.

A Praying Mantis came for a visit:

It was easily 6 inches long and we noticed it on the railing of our lanai one evening.
Fascinating, but I didn't want to get too close.

Here is view from a different angle:


OK, you can open your eyes again now!

I have been busy painting this week and have two new watercolours to show you.

Neither photograph is very good, this one I had already framed (under glass) and didn't remove it from the frame to take a picture.
This is inspired by a photo I took in Lyon, France of an interior courtyard in an older part of the city.

"Le Chat Curieux"

"Basque Pathway"

Again not the best photo. This one was inspired by a photo I took on a walk up from the beach in southwestern France.


Sometimes I find something on YouTube that I just have to share.
Here is "Stairway to Heaven" flash mob style:

I wish I had been in that square, to see and hear it live.


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happy Wednesday, with whimsy,